Boosts your company´s growth.

 Increase your companys productivity and sustained growth with customized solutions that allow you to have an adapted global view of your activity for a better decision making.

Experience and Innovation in Software Development


We are a development and consulting software company with several years of experience in creating modular, flexible solutions adapted to different business sectors. Our solutions meet the
client´s needs, allowing them to have a long life cycle and follow the evolution of their organization, reducing the financial impact. The added economic value is directed towards responding to their technical and business needs through services customized. SeekData Solutions is a Claris Partner. The partnership certifies the quality of human resources in the development of solutions that meet the technical requirements defined by Claris FileMaker.


The costs are adapted to the size of the project, with an incomparable quality of service and a guaranteed return on investment. We offer hosting service, technical support and personalized development.

High Profitability and Flexible Solutions

Modular and flexible solutions that can be adapted to your needs


We adapt and create solutions to optimize processes.

Systems Administration

The performance of organizations depends to a large extent on efficient process planning to assist in decision making and optimization of operations, bringing together the full potential of material and human resources for increasing profitability in maximizing results and creating value.

Software Development

We transform your ideas into solid and dynamic projects, making it easier to manage companies. Automating and simplifying management processes, reducing time and increasing employee efficiency. Whether it is a 100% mobile project or a part of an integrated Web + Mobile solution, we have the experience to prove it, even in the most demanding challenges.

We have at your disposal a team of specialized professionals who offer a guarantee and high satisfaction with the solutions provided. We transform your ideas into solid and dynamic projects, reducing the financial impact of tools, automating and simplifying management processes, reducing time and increasing employee efficiency.

Join us and discover whats new in Claris FileMaker 19

Highly ergonomic and intuitive graphic interfaces, they are fast and easy to use, providing accelerated learning. Reduce costs and protect the environment, with the adoption of digital work tools and processes.


Custom Systems

Meet some of the projects developed by us.

GIRCSA - Integrated Animal health control management

Support platform in the integrated animal health control management, allowing the concentration of data in order to guarantee a quick response to decision making. It is a useful tool that assists the management of resources and capital by entities responsible for the management of animal health with the priority of dematerialization, complying with the regulations of the EU countries.

Document and Processes Management

The document management and workflow of the processes for handling the correspondence received, preparing and sending the respective responses is essential to the good performance of a company, helping the internal organization. The existence of large volumes of information, increases the loss of documents, increases the difficulty in quickly accessing information.

GAS, Social Action Management

It aims to guide and inform the social response in supporting individuals and families residing in a certain geographical area. In the prevention and help of problems generated or by hypotheses of social exclusion and in certain cases - occurrence in emergency situations - in monitoring people and families in the areas of education, housing, work or health.

Mobile AI

Use a smart technology, such as Core ML, as image recognition and feelings, Siri shortcuts for interactions available by voice and NFC reading.

Available for IOS

FileMaker technology guarantees total performance in applications for iPad and iPhone. It can be used to read barcodes, signatures, photos and videos.

Total security

Built on Claris Core, FileMaker includes industry-standard protections to keep your data safe - both in the cloud and locally.

To integrate. Automate. Innovate

Connect to all types of web services and applications in minutes using Claris Connect. Its the best way to automate your workflows.




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